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angel with a shotgun.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt



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everyone needs at least one centaur au 


the star that shines the most.

doodled a noya T///T


I saw too many pastel colored stuff lately. Now go back to work, me! 

Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi


My cat, Potato.
The first two pictures taken with my new camera. It was about time she had new pictures taken of her.

  Anonymous said:

1. Last person I held hands with was mace and our way of holding hands is latching our pinkys to show affection.

7. Do I think I’ll be in a relationship in the next months? Idk. I doubt it. I’m not that person who people fall for or whatever so yee.

13. Please play with my hair. I’ll purr and become your bitch tbh

16. Last person I kissed? HE KNOWS I WANT TO KISS HIM AGAIN. Tho next time I’m not so sure I won’t bite. I MEAN HI YES.




Today’s gender of the day is: Intense lipgloss in color Gender


I’m sorry but you’re wrong, this is clearly the color gender. It says so in the picture.


i know what you’re thinking haha who did i have to kill to get this url


Maleficent is finally a reality!!! I just got back from a quick shoot with Leah Kelley Photography, and I’m SO happy to share these with you guys! This… is officially… my favorite cosplay ever.

A huge thanks to Firefly Path for the wings, Samhain Contact Lenses for the lenses, and Boci Art for the horns! Check out their pages to enjoy all their epicness.


i think im in like like with you

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